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Measurement of high-temperature specific heats: thermodynamics of alkali metal systems
Rajiv Kohli

Since the inception of a research programme in 1983, the heat capacities of a number of binary and ternary inorganic alkali metal compounds, including caesium and rubidium chromates, dichromates, molybdates, dimolybdates, zirconates, halides, chalcogenides, aluminates, silicates, uranates, tellurates, borates, and ruthenates, have been measured in the temperature range 310 – 800 K. Selected sodium, potassium, and lithium compounds are also being included in the ongoing effort. Together with the standard enthalpies of formation and low-temperature specific heats, these data serve as the basis for the present effort to obtain reliable thermodynamic data on the alkali metal compounds to high temperatures. A review of the status of the research programme is presented.

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