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Phase diagram of strontium–molybdenum–oxygen
Smruti Dash, Ziley Singh, Venkatarama Venugopal, Din D Sood

The phase diagram for the strontium – molybdenum – oxygen system has been calculated by means of the SOLGASMIX-PV program which computes equilibrium composition by minimisation of the Gibbs energy of the system. Gibbs energies of formation, DfG°m(T), of various possible unary, binary, and ternary compounds present in the system are the primary input for the program. Unit activity is assumed for the condensed phases for the calculation of the phase diagram. For the unary and binary compounds the thermodynamic and phase equilibria data available in the literature were used. For all ternary compounds, except Sr2MoO4(s), the DfG°m(T) values have been experimentally determined. Chemical or phase changes, if any, on Sr2MoO3(s), Sr2MoO4(s), and Sr2MoO6(s) were determined by differential thermal analysis and thermogravimetric techniques. Oxygen potentials over the various phase fields have been calculated. The present study gives a complete phase diagram of the strontium – molybdenum – oxygen  system.

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