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Semi-empirical calculation of the transport properties of eight binary gas mixtures at low density by the inversion method
Mohammad M Papari, Ali Boushehri

Viscosities, diffusion coefficients, and thermal diffusion factors for eight equimolar binary gas mixtures, Kr + O2, Kr + CO2, Kr + N2O, Kr + SF6, Xe + O2, Xe + CO2, Xe + N2O, and Xe + SF2, are determined from the principle of corresponding states of viscosity by the inversion technique. The Lennard-Jones 12 – 6 potential energy function is used as the initial model potential required by the technique. As an example, the interaction potential of Xe + SF6 has been compared with those obtained from thermal diffusion measurements. The interaction potential energies from the inversion procedure reproduce viscosities within 1%, diffusion coefficients within 5%, and thermal diffusion factors within 25%.

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