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Temperature-induced ruby fluorescence shifts up to a pressure of 15GPa in an externally heated diamond anvil cell
Sandeep Rekhi, Leonid S Dubrovinsky, Surendra K Saxena

The temperature-induced shifts (100 – 600 °C) in ruby lines at high pressure up to 15 GPa have been investigated. A heating assemblage, designed and fabricated with flexible graphite foils, is used to provide homogeneous temperature throughout the pressure chamber. An independent confirmation of pressure and temperature conditions was carried out by visualising an in-situ melting of indium and tin. An equation describing the wavelength shifts of ruby lines with change in pressure has been modified by incorporating the temperature term. The new equation is valid for measurements from 100 to 600 °C. The ruby line shift has an isobaric linear dependence of shift on temperature.

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