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Thermal pressure and the reliability of different in-situ high-pressure high-temperature techniques
Zhongwu Wang, Faramaz Tutti, Surendra K Saxena

The thermal pressure of perovskite (MgSiO3) and periclase (MgO) has been estimated in order to evaluate the accuracy of the pressure techniques as applied to obtain the pressure –  volume – temperature equation. Good agreement was found among the measurements employing the newly developed graphite-heating diamond anvil cell (DAC) technique, multi-anvil, and the traditional method, but the single-sided laser-heating DAC technique underestimates the thermal pressure by 6 – 8 GPa for MgO, and 3.9 – 5.8 GPa for MgSiO3 between the temperatures 2000 and 3000 K.

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