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Simultaneous estimation of thermal properties from experimental measurements in resin transfer moulding by the use of genetic algorithms
Sandrine Garcia, Damien Lecointe, Yvon Jarny, Didier Delaunay

A new approach is presented for the thermal characterisation of composite materials from resin transfer moulding (RTM) processing. The methodology is based on the use of genetic algorithms as the estimation procedure. The use of these algorithms allows simultaneous estimation of all unknown thermal properties, namely the thermal conductivities perpendicular and parallel to the fibre plane, the volumetric capacity, and a contact resistance between the composite sample and a copper component inside the mould. Both the thermal conductivity parallel to the fibre plane and the volumetric capacity were estimated as functions of temperature. The comparison of the estimated properties with previous results obtained from three successive analyses (differential scanning calorimetry, one-dimensional and two-dimensional analyses) shows the robustness and reliability of the genetic algorithm procedure for simultaneously estimating several thermophysical parameters.

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