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A corresponding-states Helmholtz-free-energy model based on a conformality analysis
Giovanni Cristofoli, Maurizio Grigiante, Giancarlo Scalabrin

In recent times, for fluids belonging to the alkane and halogenated-alkane families, several high accuracy dedicated equations of state (DEOS) have been published and models based on the corresponding-states (CS) format have often been utilised to calculate thermodynamic properties. Such models aim at predicting the thermodynamic behaviour of the fluids following different parameter contribution techniques, heedless of the ‘conformality’ concept, which is nevertheless fundamental for a CS method application. An extensive study on the thermodynamic conformality is here proposed for fluids belonging to families of alkanes and halogenated alkanes. By taking advantage of the precise available DEOS, the most significant state functions have been considered, and exact scaling parameters for each of them have been defined in a CS framework.

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