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Volumetric behaviour of water under high pressure at subzero temperature
Tomohiro Sotani, Jacek Arabas, Hironobu Kubota, Masamichi Kijima, Shoji Asada

New apparatus was designed and constructed for the measurement of accurate volumetric behaviour at subzero temperature under high pressures. The specific volumes of water were measured along 11 isotherms at temperatures from 253 to 298 K and pressures up to 200 MPa including the metastable supercooled region. The uncertainty in the specific volumes obtained was estimated to be less than ± 0.01%. The specific volume data obtained were correlated with an empirical Tait equation as a function of temperature and pressure. Isothermal compressibility and thermal expansivity calculated with this equation were compared with previous data. The temperature of maximum density that was one of the anomalous properties of water was also determined.

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