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Temperature dependence of the thermophysical properties of binary mixtures of n-hexane + 1-butanol
Beatriz de Cominges, Manuel Piñeiro, Eva Mascato, Teresa Iglesias, José Legido

This work reports densities, refractive indices, speeds of sound, and isentropic compressibilities of the mixture of n-hexane with 1-butanol at different temperatures, from 288.15 K to 308.15 K. From the experimental values, the corresponding excess and deviation values were computed (excess molar volumes, changes of refractive index on mixing, changes of speed of sound on mixing, and changes of isentropic compressibilities on mixing). Variable-degree polynomials were fitted to the results. A comparative study of these results with other available physical properties of the same mixture has been performed. Excess molar volumes were compared with the predictions of the Nitta – Chao group contribution model, based on the Carnahan – Starling hard-sphere equation of state.

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