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Correlation and calculation of the sound velocity in liquid hydrocarbons
Talgat Khasanshin, Alexander Shchamialiou

The present investigation deals with the method of calculation and prediction of the sound velocity in liquid normal alkanes. It is based on the correlation for the classes of substances forming homologous series in which the physicochemical properties change monotonically. The coefficients of the generalising function are calculated in relation to the temperature, pressure, and the number of carbon atoms in the alkane molecule. It follows from sample calculations, which are performed, that the recommended method gives experimental data on the sound velocity with an error no greater than the experimental one. It is shown that the method can be used to predict the given properties in the series of n-alkanes from pentane to higher homologues in a region of liquid state within the investigated range of state parameters (T = 233 – 473 K and p = 0.1 – 300 MPa).

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