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A new empirical method for estimating the high-pressure melting temperatures of solids: NaCI as an example
Zhongwu Wang, Peter Lazor, Surendra K Saxena

Thermal pressure along with its temperature dependence has been used to calculate the melting temperatures of solids under high pressures. Compared with the reference volume (300 K), a critical melting volume corresponding to the melting point is determined. With the relationship of thermal pressure and temperature, the melting temperature of solids under high-pressure conditions can easily be obtained. The calculated results on sodium chloride (NaCl) indicate that the method can reproduce its high-pressure melting curve well, in excellent agreement with the existing experimental data. Furthermore, a comparison between available experimental data and the calculated results on NaCl solid reveals that the melting temperature under extreme compression can be better estimated by this simple method than that by the empirical melting equation.

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