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Thermodynamic properties of ozone-friendly substances: individual and combined refrigerants
Alexey A Alexandrov, Boris A Grigoriev, Evgeny E Ustjuzhanin, Viktor B Altunin, Vladimir F Utenkov, Boris F Reutov, Andrey B Lobanov

Experimental thermodynamic data of individual substances and some mixtures were selected for a statistical treatment. The substances selected are the ozone-layer-friendly cooling liquids (HFC-134a, HFC-152a, HC-290, HC-600a, etc, and their mixtures). As a result of the treatment the equations of state (EOS) were produced in the form of the Carnahan – Starling – De Santis (CSD) EOS. The same form of EOS was accepted for the blends including HFC-134a/HFC-152a, HC-600a/HFC-152a, HC-600a/HFC-134a, and HC-290/HC-600a. Software programs combined in a data base were produced in order to evaluate coefficients of EOS with experimental data, to calculate thermodynamic properties of cooling liquids, and to determine the characteristics of refrigerating cycles which use the liquids. The modelling of several types of cycle was carried out for pure substances and the mixtures. The characteristics of the cycles were compared with those of CFC-12. The results of the cycle modelling show that the blends HFC-134a/HFC-152a and HC-600a/HFC-152a have some advantages relative to HFC-134a. These blends can be used as effective alternative refrigerants.

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