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Influence of hygrothermal conditions on the thermophysical properties of clayey cellular concretes
Mohamed S Goual, Ahmed Bouguerra, Abderrahim Bali, Michèle Quéneudec

Technological advances in the construction industry require the development of new materials which possess thermophysical properties capable of providing satisfactory comfort under a variety of climatic and economic conditions affecting their fabrication. This work is part of a major project focusing on the reuse of clayey soils in the development of building materials. The study is aimed at producing insulation clayey concretes from a clay – cement mixture lightened by powdered aluminium. The goal herein is to present experimental results of the influence of hygrothermal conditions on the thermal performance of six clayey concretes with different densities. Both the line source method and the transient plane source method were simultaneously employed for measuring the thermophysical properties of test materials under various hygrothermal conditions.

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