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Equation of state for compressed liquid alkali metals. Part II
Hossein Eslami, Setareh Sheikh, Ali Boushehri

A statistical-mechanical analytical equation of state, which is shown to satisfy normal fluids as well as the liquid metals, is employed to predict the liquid density of compressed alkali metals. The second virial coefficients have been calculated from a previous corresponding-states correlation for normal fluids, which is also valid for alkali vapours. Calculation of the other two temperature-dependent parameters of the equation of state are performed by scaling, with suitable scaling constants. The equation of state has been utilised to predict the liquid density of lithium, sodium, rubidium, and caesium from the melting point up to several hundred kelvins above the boiling point at pressures ranging from 100 bar up to 1000 bar. The calculated results are compared with experiment and with the predicted results in previous work. Agreement of the calculated liquid densities with experiment is good, but it is less satisfactory than the previous work.

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