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Determination of liquid – vapour phase boundaries by a dynamic experimental method
Vladimir Ternovoi, Alexander Filimonov, Sergey Kvitov, Alexey Pyalling, Dmitry Nikolaev, Yuly Gordon, Vladimir Fortov

Shock compression and the following expansion into helium were used to generate the boiling of porous nickel. The brightness temperature and velocity of expansion were measured by a fast multichannel optical pyrometer. Gas dynamic peculiarities of expansion in the final pressure range below 0.4 GPa were studied. It has been proved that a shock rarefaction wave is formed under expansion when final states of the sample are inside the two-phase region. The fast heating of tungsten by multiple shocked helium in the process of acceleration of tungsten foil at dynamically formed isobaric conditions is proposed as a new way for generating near-critical-point states of liquid – vapour phase transition. Additionally, an estimation of the critical point data of tungsten is made.

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