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Prediction of salt effect on vapour – liquid equilibria of alcohol + alcohol and alcohol + water binary mixtures
Hideki Yamamoto, Junji Shibata

Prediction of isobaric vapour – liquid equilibria (VLE) of solvent (1) +  solvent (2) + salt (3) ternary systems is carried out with a semi-empirical model proposed by Hála. The value of the exponent b in Hála’s equation is treated as a fixed common value defined by the kind of salt (CaCl2, NaI, and NH4I). The b values are determined by isothermal VLE data of fifteen ternary systems containing salt. Other constants in the Hála equation are also determined from the data of VLE and vapour pressure of three binary mixtures, constructing a ternary system. Isobaric VLE of five ternary systems are predicted within the average deviation of ±4.2% in vapour phase composition and ±1.0% in temperature.

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