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Intercomparison measurements by pulse transient and stepwise transient methods on Perspex and stainless steel A310
L’udovít Kubičár, Vlastimil Boháč

Intercomparison measurements have been made on perspex (polymethylmethacrylate) and stainless steel A310 by pulse transient and stepwise transient methods. Both methods belong to the transient techniques that give specific heat, thermal diffusivity, and thermal conductivity within a single measurement. Measuring times and time windows for data evaluation are given for both measuring techniques. Criteria for characteristic parameters of the ideal model by pulse transient are given. Experimental results are compared with recommended and published data for thermal conductivity, specific heat, and thermal diffusivity. Deviations from published and recommended data were found. Data uncertainties in thermal conductivity caused by these deviations are up to 6% for perspex and up to 10% for stainless steel A310.

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