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Evaluation of the thermal conductivity of granitoid stratum at great depths by core samples
Hiroshi Kiyohashi, Harumi Kato, Toshinori Sato

Studies of thermophysical and mechanical properties of rocks at great depths have been conducted as part of research into the hydrology and geochemistry of groundwater, the migration of substances such as uranium, and drift excavation effects on surrounding rock mass by the Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute. Measurement results and evaluation are given of thermal conductivity, l, of core specimens collected from three research wells, 1000 m in depth, dug in granitoid stratum at the Tono mine, Japan. Twenty specimens were collected from each well, taking account of depth interval and lithofacies. The l value of the specimens was measured by the unsteady hot-wire comparative method in the temperature range 25 – 85 °C.

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