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Ionic conductivity in the ternary system SiO2Al2O3CaO: measurements from the solid up to the liquid state
Gisèle Gruener, Domingos de Sousa Meneses, Jean-Pierre Loup, Patrick Echegut, Philippe Odier

A specific apparatus to acquire conductivity data on glass former systems such as alumino-silicates in both solid and liquid state is reported. To illustrate the abilities of such a device, typical results obtained on a compound belonging to the alumina – silica – lime system are given in the 600 – 1650 °C range of temperature. The analysis of the conductivity shows the existence of at least two transport mechanism regimes. Below the glass transition, the transport mechanism is a thermally activated process well described by an Arrhenius law. Around the glass transition temperature, a change of behaviour occurs and molten conductivity follows a Vogel – Tammann – Fulcher law.

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