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Experimental study of the specific heat and enthalpy of copper in the range 300 – 2000 K
Vitalii Chekhovskoĭ, Yuriĭ Gusev, Valeriĭ Tarasov

Results of measurements of the specific heat, enthalpy, and average specific heat of copper are reported. Specific heat was measured in the range 295 – 903 K by the continuous adiabatic heating method with an error of 1%. Enthalpy and average specific heat were measured in the range 1262 – 1986 K by the drop method with an error of 1% – 1.5%. The results are approximated by an equation in the range 298.15 – 2000 K, and the heat of meltingDHm = 13.59 kJ mol-1, the entropy of fusion DSf = 10.01 J mol-1 K-1, and the specific heat of the melt cp = 36.3 J mol-1 K-1 were calculated.

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