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High-temperature erosion of titanium-carbide-particle-reinforced tungsten composites
Gui Song, Yu Wang, Yu Zhou

High-temperature erosion of tungsten composites reinforced with 30 vol% titanium carbide particles (TiCp / W) was studied with the use of specially constructed oxyacetylene erosion equipment. Results revealed that the mass-erosion and linear-erosion rates of TiCp / W are much lower than those of traditional copper-infiltrated tungsten material. The erosion resistance of the composite was greatly increased by TiCp / W addition. Thermochemical oxidation of tungsten and TiCp / W particles was the main erosion mechanism of TiCp / W. Temperature – time plots of the eroded surfaces of the specimens were successfully measured in situ with a dynamic-response multi-wavelength pyrometer, which indicated that TiCp / W composite had good thermal shock resistance. The good physical properties and good high-temperature erosion resistance of TiCp / W composite makes it a good candidate for rudders of solid rocket motors.

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