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Phase equilibrium diagram of the system silver bromide – cadmium dibromide
Alina Wojakowska, Agata Górniak, Andrzej Wojakowski

Phase equilibria in the silver bromide – cadmium dibromide (AgBr – CdBr2) system have been investigated by differential scanning calorimetry and x-ray diffraction. The phase diagram for the system has been constructed. The most significant feature of the AgBr – CdBr2 phase diagram at high temperatures is the occurrence of solid solution areas based on either AgBr or CdBr2. The solid solution based on AgBr extends to 40 mol% CdBr2 where it decomposes peritectically at 442°C into the solid solution based on CdBr2 (4.5 mol% AgBr) and the molten salt solution (62 mol% AgBr). The solid solubility is negligible at room temperature. No intermediate compound has been found in the system.

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