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Vapour – liquid and liquid – liquid equilibria of mixtures of water and alcohols: measurements and correlations
Frank Gremer, Gerhard Herres, Dieter Gorenflo

The ternary systems of water with 2-ethyl-1-hexanol and 1-butanol or ethanol, important in industrial applications, have been chosen for investigating the vapour – liquid equilibria (VLE) of systems with highly associating components and liquid –  liquid separation (VLLE). A static equilibrium apparatus with two vibrating tube densimeters (made of glass) for measuring the densities of vapour and liquid developed by Rott (1990, PhD thesis, Universität-GH-Paderborn) has been modified and tested up to 30 bar and 200°C (for densities only up to 150°C). Vapour and liquid are circulated through the densimeters and the equilibrium cell by two micrometering pumps. All parts of the apparatus containing the test fluid are temperature-controlled at phase equilibrium temperature. Samples of vapour and liquid(s) are analysed by gas chromatography (GC-MSD).

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