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A general equation for the surface tension of metals based on the law of corresponding states
Hamid Rafiee, Ali Boushehri

The temperature dependence of the surface tension of noble metals has been examined by phenomenological scaling and related to the law of corresponding states. Reduced coordinates σ* – T*, where σ* is reduced surface tension and T* is reduced reciprocal temperature, are introduced for the prediction of the surface tension of metals. In the correlation, the melting temperature, Tm, is applied as a corresponding temperature for different metals. A relationship in which T* is the reduced reciprocal temperature at a scaled distance from the boiling point is used for molten copper, silver, and gold over an extensive temperature range. It is shown that a linear relationship between σ* andT* in the form: σ* = a + bT* exists, where a and b are temperature-independent constants. Using this relationship we have shown that the predicted values of the surface tension of 33 elements at different temperatures are in good agreement with experimental data.

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