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Investigation of the thermophysical properties of metal – polytetrafluoroethylene pyrotechnic compositions
Andrzej Panas, Stanislaw Cudzilo, Janusz Terpilowski

Thermophysical data (enthalpy, specific heat, thermal diffusivity, and density) for pyrotechnic mixtures have been determined. The materials under tests were pyrotechnic compositions containing a pure metal or a metal alloy and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The enthalpy and thermal characteristics of specific heat were studied by microcalorimetric (differential scanning calorimeter, DSC) measurements. Thermal diffusivity was investigated with a laser-flash apparatus. Results of investigations on three selected specimens containing PTFE with 76.7, 56.7, and 54.5 wt% Zn and 54.5 wt% Al3Mg4 are discussed in detail; data obtained for nine other specimens are reported in brief.

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