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Parameter estimation of orthotropic solids with uncertainty in the sensor position: Use of Levenberg-Marquardt and conjugate gradient methods
Foued Mzali, Latifa Sassi, Abdelmajid Jemni, Sassi Nasrallah, Daniel Petit

This numerical study deals with the estimation of radial and axial thermal diffusivities of orthotropic solids by two different parameter estimation methods. The system under investigation is a cylindrical vertical sample, which is submitted to an irradiation flux on the upper face on a central circular area. The temperature response, during and after the irradiation, is measured at the opposite face. In this paper, the system is particularly designed for the identification of the Fourier number including the axial diffusivity, the ratio of radial to axial thermal conductivities, the Biot number, and a heat flux term from one temperature evolution versus time. The temperature sensor position is adjusted simultaneously with the identification of the above four parameters.

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