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p. 505-511
Calculation of the density and heat capacity of silicon by molecular dynamics simulation
Rie Kojima Endo, Yusuke Fujihara and Masahiro Susa
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p. 513-520
Thermophysical properties of silicon carbide green bodies prior to, during, and after the sintering process
Jürgen Blumm and Johannes Opfermann
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p. 521-528
Thermal equilibrium by diffusion of energy in a two-atom gas forming a sphere
Oleg Yu Troitsky and Harald Reiss
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p. 529-539
An analytical expression for the fugacity coefficient of supercritical fluids
G A Parsafar and F Madani
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p. 541-548
Calculation of thermophysical properties of hydrogen from the statistical mechanical equation of state
Ali Maghari and Maryam Dargahi
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p. 549-557
Volumetric behaviour of some practically important fluids from the equation of state
Mohammad Mehdi Papari, Behzad Haghighi and Roya Rastegari
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p. 559-566
Corresponding-states correlations for the surface tension of hydrocarbons
Hamid Reza Rafiee, Atusa Zarnegarzadeh and Ali Boushehri
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p. 567-577
Thermodynamic properties of calcium fluoride in the solid and the liquid states
Igor V Arseev, Vitali Ya Chekhovskoi, Viktor E Lyusternik, Vladislav E Peletskii and Valerii D Tarasov
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p. 579-586
Density anomaly in benzene crystal just above freezing pressure
Koji Shigematsu, Seji Sawamura, Masakuza Nadayama and Yoshinori Takahashi
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p. 587-592
A simple procedure for assessing the performance of liquid propellants
Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz
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p. 593-600
Estimation of detonation velocity of CHNOFCI explosives
Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz and Hamid Reza Pouretedal
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p. 601-610
Utilisation of cellular clayey concrete in a climatic process
Laurent Marmoret, Patrick Glouannec, Amary t’Kint de Roodenbeke, Omar Douzane and Michèle Quéneudec
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