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Density measurement of liquid indium and zinc by the γ-ray attenuation method
Lianwen Wang, Aiping Xian, Hanru Shao

A γ-ray attenuation densitometer was set up to determine the density of pure liquid indium and zinc from the melting point to ∼800°C. The melting-point density of pure liquid indium and pure liquid zinc were found to be 7.10 g cm-3 and 6.63 g cm-3, respectively. The temperature dependence of the density was ρIn/ g cm-3 = 7.22 – 10.7 × 10-4 (t/°C) + 2.94 × 10-7(t/°C)2 for liquid indium and ρZn/ g cm-3 = 7.15 – 15.9 × 10-4 (t/°C) + 5.69 × 10-7(t/°C)2 for liquid zinc, from melting temperature to 800 °C.

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