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p. 1-12
The thermodynamic properties of double oxides (A review)
O Kubaschewski
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p. 13-19
Polychromatic X-ray diffraction: a rapid and versatile technique for the study of solids under high pressure and high temperature
L M Albritton, J L Margrave
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p. 21-25
Oxidationskinetik von SiC-Pulver bei Temperaturen zwischen 1200 und 1600°C
R Ebi, E Fitzer, K J Hüttinger
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p. 27-38
Wettability characteristics of metal melts on graphite and glasslike carbon substrates and their relation to catalytic graphitization
W Weisweiler, V Mahadevan
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p. 39-48
The high-pressure graphitization of diamond
R M Horton, M D Horton
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p. 49-57
Some experimental aspects of high-temperature thermal expansion measurements by optical telescopes
P S Gaal
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p. 59-66
Thermophysical properties of arc-cast tungsten using the TPRC multi-property apparatus (direct heating method)
R E Taylor
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p. 67-76
Investigation of the surface tension of liquid boron oxide to 2000°C by the cylinder pulling method
E E Shpil’rain, K A Yakimovich, A F Tsitsarkin
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p. 77-84
Crystallography and disorder of the high-pressure phases of KNO2
C W F T Pistorius
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p. 85-95
Self-diffusion measurements under pressure with a diaphragm cell: theory of the method, and experimental results for cyclohexane
M A McCool, L A Woolf
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p. 97-99
Über eine neue Hochdruckmodifikation des MnSe vom NiAs-Typ und über die Mischbarkeit MnSe-MnTe
L Cernič, A Neuhaus
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p. 101-109
Specific heat of solids at high pressures from simultaneous measurements of thermal conductivity and diffusivity
P Andersson, G Bäckström
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p. 111
Crystal structure of high-pressure bismuth V (Letter to the Editor)
Ph Schaufelberger, H Merx, M Contré
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p. 113-116
Symposium on Experimental Findings and Advances in the Field of High-pressure Research, Bochum, Germany, 9 – 10 March 1972.
Abstracts of Papers
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p. 117-118
Conferences and meetings
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