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p. 119-158
Irradiation behavior of graphite at high temperature (A review)
G.B. Engle, W.P. Eatherly
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p. 159-165
High-field magnetoresistance of bismuth at liquid nitrogen temperature and pressures up to 100 kbar
V.V. Kechin, A.I. Likhter, A.V. Rakhmanina, V.A. Venttsel
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p. 167-176
Fusion curve of solids at high pressure
L. Bohlin
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p. 177-182
An improved method for calculating activities from distribution equilibria
K.T. Jacob, J.H.E. Jeffes
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p. 183-193
Activation volumes—their dependence on temperature and on pressure
A. Marani, G. Talamini
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p. 195-198
Viscosity of 1-phenyl-1-propanol as a function of temperature and pressure
G.P. Johari, W. Dannhauser
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p. 199-206
Effect of pressure on dielectric polarization in liquid 1-phenyl-1-propanol
W. Dannhauser, G.P. Johari
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p. 207-211
A high-pressure unit for X-ray diffractometer DRON-1
T.N. Kolobyanina, S.S. Kabalkina, L.F. Vereshchagin, M.F. Kachan, V.G. Losev
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p. 213-218
A O-3 kbar piston and cylinder apparatus for solid state studies at high temperature
M.E. Muhle, R.G. Bautista
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p. 219-224
Whiskerwachstum bei der Pyrolyse von Methan unter vermindertem Druck
E. Fitzer, W. Fritz, B. Rhee
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p. 225-228
A device for determining the position of a hot spot and its temperature between 1000 and 1700°C
G. Matteudi, G. Porrai, R. Schley
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p. 229-238
Third Nordic High-Temperature Symposium, Risø, Roskilde, Denmark, 7–9 June 1972. Abstracts of Papers
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p. 239-240
Conferences and meetings
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