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p. 605-609
Thermodynamic properties of the condensed phase of alumina near the melting point
E.E. Shpil’rain, D.N. Kagan, L.S. Barkhatov
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p. 611-619
Enthalpy of niobium in the solid and liquid state
A.E. Sheindlin, B. Ya. Berezin, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi
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p. 621-626
Electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity of alloys of the tungsten – molybdenum system
V.A. Vertogradskii, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi
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p. 627-638
Influence of vacancy ordering on thermophysical properties of vanadium carbide
W.S. Williams
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p. 639-647
Thermal characterization of reusable external insulation for the space shuttle
J.P. Brazel, R.P. Tye
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p. 649-658
Thermal conductivity of low density carbon
R. Taylor
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p. 659-661
High temperature thermophysical properties of tungsten
M. Hoch
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p. 663-669
Thermophysical properties and electronic structure of rare earth chalcogenides
Yu. M. Goryachev, T.G. Kutsenok
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p. 671-677
Investigation of the thermal expansion of molybdenum and tungsten at high temperatures
V.A. Petukhov, V.Ya. Chekhovskoi
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p. 679-686
Tungsten as a standard material for monochromatic emissivity
L.N. Latyev, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, E.N. Shestakov
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p. 687-693
Measurement of the emissivity of quartz glass
V.A. Petrov, V. Yu. Reznik
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p. 695-702
The entropy constant of the rare gases, monatomic metals, and univalent ions in molten salts (a theory of melting as a first-order transition)
J.G. Aston
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p. 703-706
Strain energy effects and melting of miscible alloys
A. Ferro, G. Lo. Vecchio, F. Mezzetti
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p. 707-713
The melting point of molybdenum as a secondary fixed point on the International Practical Temperature Scale
M.M. Kenisarin, B. Ya. Berezin, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi
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p. 715-722
Optimal utilization of redundant information in thermal radiation in thermophysical measurements
D. Ya. Svet
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p. 723-726
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p. 727-730
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