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p. 1-3
Enthalpy, heat of fusion, and melting point of corundum (α-AI2O3)
E N Fomichev, V P Bondarenko, V V Kandyba
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p. 5-7
Experimental study of the thermodynamic properties of refractories at high temperatures
V P Bondarenko, E N Fomichev, V V Kandyba
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p. 9-12
Thermal conductivity of rhenium
V E Peletskii, Ya G Sobol’, E S Amasovich
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p. 13-17
Transport properties in fibre reinforced aluminium matrices
D M Karpinos, V S Klimenko, V H Kadyrov
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p. 19-28
Investigation of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and emittance of semitransparent materials at high temperatures
A A Men’, O A Sergeev
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p. 29-33
Thermophysical properties of transition metal carbides and diborides
G V Samsonov, A S Bolgar, E A Guseva, L A Klochkov, B A Kovenskaya, T I Serebryakova, I I Timofeeva, A G Turchanin, V V Fesenko
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p. 35-38
Transport properties in porous metal fibre compacts with oriented structure
D M Karpinos, V S Klimenko, G A Luzhanskii, A E Rutkovskii, L L Sukhih
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p. 39-46
Plasticity of polycrystalline uranium dioxide at high temperatures
C Ferro, F Ruggeri
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p. 47-53
X-ray diffraction study of the thermal expansion of kaolinite and illite and their intersalated complexes with alkali acetates
M N Bora, J Hatibarua, P C Mahanta
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p. 55-58
Measurement of spectral emissivity of high-temperature non-metallic materials
D M Shcherbina, V V Kandyba
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p. 59-65
Studies on high-temperature reactions by means of a combined thermal method
J Simon
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p. 67-72
Simultaneous application of DTA, TG, DTG, and emanation thermal analysis
W D Emmerich, V Balek
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p. 73-76
Eine neue Hochdruck-DTA-Apparatur
J Klingner
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p. 77-83
Use of emanation thermal analysis for the study of the preparation and properties of ceramic materials
V Balek
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p. 85-90
Study of some thermophysical characteristics of metallurgical raw materials
S G Bratchikov
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p. 91-93
Apparatus for precision measurements of high temperature in thermophysical investigations on solids
V E Finkel’shtein, V V Kandyba
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p. 95-98
Standard equipment for colour pyrometry
I I Kirenkov, E A Lapina, G A Krakhmal’nikova, V V Kandyba
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p. 99-104
New two-colour pyrometer
M Pasta, G Ruffino, P Soardo, G Toselli
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p. 105-110
Factors affecting the accuracy of transient response of intrinsic thermocouples in thermal diffusivity measurement
K D Maglić, B S Maršićanin
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p. 111-120
Technologie et utilisation des thermocouples d’alliages W – Re
R Schley, G Matteudi
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