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p. 123-131
Zirconium: phases and compressibility to 120 kilobars
B Olinger, J C Jamieson
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p. 133-144
Present understanding of the thermal properties of graphite
BT Kelly
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p. 145-153
Relations pression – volume – température des bromures d’alcoyle primaires. 6. Compression du bromo-1-hexane et du bromo-1-heptane
G Jenner, M Millet
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p. 155-160
Pressure-induced Pb f.c.c.– h.c.p. transformation based on the NaCI internal standard
H Mii, I Fujishiro, M Senoo, K Ogawa
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p. 161-168
Influence de la pression sur la température de Curie des grenats de terre rare jusqu’ à 60 kbar
G Bocquillon, C Loriers-Susse, J Loriers
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p. 169-176
The solubility of benzene and toluene in water and aqueous salt solutions under pressure
R S Bradley, M J Dew, D C Munro
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p. 177-182
The effect of temperature and pressure on the electrical conductance of molten mercury (II) iodide
J E Bannard, G Treiber
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p. 183-190
The decomposition of isobutane in the induction-coupled argon plasma jet
Y Nishimura, W Sakai
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p. 191-198
Experimental study of the density of liquid alumina up to 2750°C
E E Shpil’rain, K A Yakimovich, A F Tsitsarkin
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p. 199-206
Anomalous behaviour during interdiffusion in the system Nb-Mo
A Brunsch, T Krabichler, S Steeb
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p. 207-220
Isotropic carbon spherulite formation by pressure carbonization of divinylbenzene
S Hirano, F Dachille, P L Walker, Jr.
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p. 221-230
Structure cristalline du bismuth V
Ph Schaufelberger, H Merx, M Contré
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p. 231-237
Propriétés thermodynamiques de melange du système liquide chrome-silicium à 1900 K
J-P Riegert, A Vermandé, I Ansara
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p. 239-240
Conferences and meetings
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