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p. 359-388
The measurement of high static pressure (A review)
C.Y. Liu, K. Ishizaki, J. Paauwe, I.L. Spain
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p. 389-392
Shock-tube studies on a gas dynamic laser
A.S. Biryukov, A.P. Dronov, E.M. Kudryavtsev, G.A. Rainin, N.N. Sobolev
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p. 393-399
Monochromatic emittance of LaCrO3-Cr cermets between 300 and 1900 K in air
B.M. Barykin, V.G. Gordon, I.V. Prokhorova, E.G. Spiridonov
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p. 401-404
Measurement of pressure with a piston gauge during the synthesis of diamond
L.F. Vereshchagin, E.V. Zubova, V.A. Stupnikov, Yu. K. Zhukovskii
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p. 405-412
Investigation of the spectral characteristics of thermally ionized gases (plasma)
A.A. Kon’kov, A.V. Vorontsov, S.G. Kulagin, A.P. Ryazin
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p. 413-420
Étude thermodynamique de I’évaporation réversible d’un oxyde réfractaire dans un plasma thermique oxydant
C. Bonet, D. Hernandez, M. Daguenet, P. Dumargue
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p. 421-432
A two-wavelength technique for the simultaneous measurement of high temperature and the temperature dependence of spectral emittances
R.C. Lincoln, R.B. Pettit
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p. 433-454
The modulation method for measuring specific heat
Ya. A. Kraftmakher
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p. 455-458
Measurement of the specific heat of metals under pressure. Specific heat of the high-pressure phases of bismuth
L.N. Dzhavadov
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p. 459-461
The velocity of sound in compressed neon
L.L. Pitaevskaya, A.V. Bilevich
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p. 463-469
Thermoviscoelastic properties of rock at elevated temperatures
R.L. Fischer, J.B. Cheung
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p. 471-474
Vaporization thermodynamics of indium trifluoride
R.P. Steiger, J.L. Margrave
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p. 475-480
Heat transport measurements in polycrystalline graphites up to 2600°C (Report on an international cooperative measuring programme)
S. Weisenburger
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