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p. 481-501
Pulse method of thermal diffusivity measurements (A review)
F Righini, A Cezairliyan
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p. 503-508
Hugoniot equation of state of beryllium oxide
S P Marsh
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p. 509-514
Design and development of a machine for compression testing of rock samples, under a constant pressure of up to 0·7 GPa (7 kbar)
B Crossland, C Ludlow
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p. 515-530
Fatigue of open-ended thick cylinders supported by static external fluid pressure
D C Harvey, B Lengyel
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p. 531-544
Analysis of the formation of a vapour layer at a liquid/hot-wall interface
D J Buchanan
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p. 545-549
The effect of surface finish on the normal spectral emittance of molybdenum
D N Baria, T S King, R G Bautista
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p. 551-566
High temperature e.m.f. measurements in solid and liquid electrolytes
S N Flengas
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p. 567-573
The melting curve of sulfur to 300°C and 12 kbar
S Block, G J Piermarini
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p. 575-580
Infrared and volumetric studies of the high-pressure phase transitions of ammonium acetate and formate, trioxane, and trithiane
S D Hamann, M Linton, C W F T Pistorius
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p. 581-588
The Grüneisen parameter and thermodynamics of solids under high pressure
L Bohlin
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p. 589-596
A method for the in-pile measurement of thermal contact conductances in nuclear-reactor fuel rods
M van den Berg, H E Schmidt
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p. 597-598
Some comments on Manganin wire pressure gauges (Research note)
C Andeen, D Schuele, J Fontanella
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