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p. 1-19
Fracture mechanics and its application to high-pressure vessels (A review)
C.E. Turner
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p. 21-31
The influence of thermal diffusion on chemical reactions between gas mixtures and levitated liquid metal droplets
A. McLean
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p. 33-46
The specific heat capacities of boron-containing alloys and cermets of Zircaloy-2, and related thermodynamic properties of zirconium
D.N. Casey, B. Yates
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p. 47-52
Thermal and electrical conductivity of the LaCrO3 – Cr cermets
B.M. Barykin, V.G. Gordon, B.M. Levinov, A.I. Rekov, E.G. Spiridonov
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p. 53-60
Étude thermodynamique du système gallium – antimoine à 1000 K par couplage d’un spectromètre de masse et d’une cellule triple de Knudsen
C. Bergman, M. Laffitte, Y. Muggianu
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p. 61-63
A cell for low-frequency Raman spectroscopy on solids under hydrostatic pressure up to 12 kbar from 200 K to 450 K (Research note)
P. Figuière, M. Ghelfenstein, H. Szwarc
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p. 65-72
Finite pulse time effects in flash diffusivity method
R.E. Taylor, L.M. Clark III
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p. 73-84
Microprobe and x-ray analysis of titanium carbide, titanium nitride, and titanium carbonitride coatings deposited between 1100 and 1500°C
L. Aggour, E. Fitzer, W. Weisweiler
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p. 85-94
Studies of the properties of amorphous tetrahedrally-coordinated semiconductors
G.A.N. Connell, W. Paul
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p. 95-100
Influence of pressure on the electron concentration and mobility in HgSe at 77 K
M. Baj, S. Porowski
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p. 101-106
Optics under pressure to 25 kilobars
J.M. Besson, J.P. Pinceaux, R. Piotrzkowski
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p. 107-110
Semiconducting properties of vitreous As2Se3 under pressure
B.T. Kolomiets, E.M Raspopova
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p. 111-114
Observation of metastable donor states in n-type InSb under pressure
M. Kończykowski, S. Porowski, J. Chroboczek
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p. 115-118
New type of high-pressure p – n junction manometer
W. Włodarski
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p. 119-122
Zum Einfluß des hydrostatischen Drucks auf die Strom – Spannungs- Charakteristiken des amorphen Halbleiters As14Tl14Sb6Se16Te21
J. Zámečnik
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