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p. 485-489
Carbon black/coke composites prepared under high pressure
M. Inagaki, S. Hayashi, S. Naka
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p. 491-497
Measurement by the flash method of thermal diffusivity in two-layer composite samples
R.F. Bulmer, R. Taylor
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p. 499-504
Megabar pressure between anvils
L.F. Vereshchagin, E.N. Yakovlev, B.V. Vinogradov, G.N. Stepanov, K.Kh. Bibaev, T.I. Alaeva, V.P. Sakun
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p. 505-508
Transition of diamond into the metallic state
L.F. Vereshchagin, E.N. Yakovlev, B.V. Vinogradov, V.P. Sakun, G.N. Stepanov
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p. 509-514
Temperature effect on the width of the hysteresis cycle of the polymorphic transformation of bismuth
L.F. Vereshchagin, E.V. Zubova, V.A. Stupnikov, G.L. Aparnikov
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p. 515-517
Lattice dimensions of low-rate metalloid-stabilized Ti5Si3 
J. Quakernaat, J.W. Visser
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p. 519-524
Curie temperature determination from permeability measurements up to 150 kbar. Results for nickel
M. Brouha, A.G. Rijnbeek
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p. 525-527
Eine neue Hochtemperaturphase von MnSO4
A. Kirfel, G. Will
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p. 529-532
Thermal expansion measurements on molten levitated aluminum by holographic interferometry
H. Spetzler, M. Meyer, G. Boucher
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p. 533-535
Solubility of heavy rare-earth oxides in corundum-type ln2O3 II at 75 kbar, 1000°C
C.W.F.T. Pistorius
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p. 537-539
Temperature correlation at high pressures
M.D. Horton
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p. 541-544
Ferroelectric studies in solid-media high-pressure devices
G.W. Timco, H.H. Schloessin
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p. 545-549
Einige Aspekte zur Verhinderung der Hochtemperaturkorrosionen durch Additive und Schutzschichten in konventionellen Kraftwerken
H. Kirsch
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p. 551-558
Chromium – aluminum composite coatings on ferritic steels for high temperature services
A. Tamba, M. Raveglia
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p. 559-564
Corrosion par les fumées de fuel-oil des tubes de surchauffeur à haute température
R. Teraube
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p. 565-575
Anticorrosive self-sealing coatings for metal surface protection in combustion technology 
G. Perugini
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p. 577-584
Vapour deposited coatings for chrome steels
J. Graham
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p. 585-597
Studies of AI2O3-coated alloys in combustion gases
I. Kvernes
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p. 599-600
Meetings and conferences
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