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p. 359-360
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p. 361-393
Non-steady-state methods of measuring the thermal conductivity of gases (A review)
E.E. Shpil’rain, A.S. Umanskii, Yu. A. Gorshkov
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p. 395-398
Phase diagram of furan up to 10 kbar
P. Figuière
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p. 399-410
Temperaturabhängige Eigenschaften von Kobalt–Wolfram–Titan–Kohlenstoff–Legierungen
F. Bollenrath, E. Lugscheider, F. Roumani
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p. 411-417
Measurement of electrical conductivity of oxides at high temperatures by microwave ellipsometry
T. Sakurai, S. Mochizuki, M. Ishigame
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p. 419-423
Polymorphic transformations of ZnBr2 under high pressure
V. Meisalo, M. Kalliomäki
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p. 425-432
Thermodynamic studies of liquid Cd–Bi and Cd–Bi–Pb solutions
Z. Moser, L. Zabdyr
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p. 433-439
Evidence of residual entropy in the cubic spinel Zn2TiO4
K.T. Jacob, C.B. Alcock
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p. 441-449
Melting and polymorphism of Cd3As2 and Zn3As2 at high pressures
C.W.F.T. Pistorius
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p. 451-455
Redetermination of the melting curve of cadmium to 40 kbar
C.W.F.T. Pistorius
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p. 457-465
Vergasungs-bzw. Spaltgase von Koks, Kohle, Benzol, Erdöl bzw. Erdgas mit Luft–Wasserdampf-Gemischen
E. Schwarz-Bergkampf
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p. 467-476
A rotating-bar fatigue machine for use in high-pressure environment
C-G Gustafson
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p. 477-478
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p. 479
Conferences and meetings
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