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p. 481-496
Sound velocity and equation of state of liquid mercury and bismuth at simultaneous high pressure and temperature
H.A. Spetzler, M.D. Meyer, Tin Chan
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p. 497-500
Variational calculation of the energy of metallic hydrogen
R.G. Arkhipov, E.S. Alekseev, A.F. Barabanov
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p. 501-505
Die Festigkeit und Plastizität von als Schleifkorn und in Hartstoffen verwendeten hochschmelzenden Verbindungen
G.V. Samsonov, I.P. Kushtalova
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p. 507-515
Single-crystal refractory carbides: state of the art and prospects
V.S. Sinel’nikova, V.N. Gurin
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p. 517-522
The experimental study of the interaction between the melt, carbides and diamond in the iron-carbon system at high pressures
L.E. Shterenberg, V.N. Slesarev, I.A. Korsunskaya, D.S. Kamenetskaya
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p. 523-526
Phase transformation in the Zn-Sb system at pressures up to 90 kbar
I.T. Belash, E.G. Ponyatovskii
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p. 527-528
Determination of the thermodynamic pressure scale
L. N. Dzhavadov
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p. 529-533
High-pressure cell for neutron scattering at very low temperatures
J. Paureau, C. Vettier
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p. 535-538
High-pressure infrared cell for kinetic investigations to 3 kbar and 300°C
St. V. Tapavicza, M. Buback, E.U. Franck
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p. 539-547
Isothermal compressibilities and thermal pressure coefficients of molten salts
B. Cleaver, P.N. Spencer
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p. 549-550
Thermal and mechanical properties of textile-fibre-reinforced Bakelite under pressure (Research note)
O. Alm, P. Andersson, G. Bäckström
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p. 551-553
Thermal conductivity of Teflon at high pressures (Research note)
P. Andersson, G. Bäckström 551
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p. 555-558
High-pressure chamber with polycrystalline cubic boron nitride Bridgman anvils for Mössbauer and x-ray investigations
E.V. Kapitanov, V.N. Panyushkin, L.F. Vereshchagin, E.N. Yakovlev, V.I. Novokshonov, V.V. Evdokimova
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p. 559-562
The measurement of the magnetic properties of rocks subjected to high hydrostatic pressure
V. Kropáček, Z. Podroužková, Ŏ. Stěrba
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p. 563-572
Catalytic graphitization of phenolic resin carbon by silicon
A. Ōya, S. Ōtani
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p. 573-582
The thermodynamics of the copper – oxygen system
N.H. Santander, O. Kubaschewski
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p. 583-594
Étude thermodynamique par spectrométrie de masse des alliages aluminium–silicium de 1000 à 1700 K
C. Chatillon, M. Allibert, A. Pattoret
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p. 595-598
Calibration of two-colour pyrometers
M. Pasta, P. Soardo, G. Ruffino
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p. 599-601
Conferences and meetings
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