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Fifth International Conference on High Pressure Physics and Technology: Opening speeches
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Some novel applications of hydrostatic forming 609
Hubert L.I.D. Pugh, Ian M. Marr, Clark J.H. Donaldson, Peter T. Wilkinson
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Crystal structure of some elements and simple compounds at high pressures
L.F. Vereshchagin, S.S. Kabalkina
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Summaries of papers presented at the 5th International Conference on High Pressure Physics and Technology, Moscow, 26 – 31 May 1975 Section 1 : Solid State Physics
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The effect of pressure on the electric conductivity and thermal e.m.f. of bismuth and its alloys with tin and lead
A.A. Averkin, Yu. G. Vorov, G.A. Ivanov, V.M. Lopatkin

Equation of state of solid molecular hydrogen at 0 K
S.I. Anisimov, Yu. V. Petrov

Variation of the energy spectrum of bismuth under strong uniaxial deformation
N.B. Brandt, V.A. Kulbachinskii, N. Ya. Minina, V.D. Shirokikh

Pressure dependence of partial Fermi levels of electrons and holes in antimony
E.L. Broide

The effect of pressure on the energy spectra of Group II hcp metals
V.A. Venttsel, O.A. Voronov, A.I. Likhter, A.V. Rudnev

The effect of pressure on small sections of the Fermi surfaces of tungsten and molybdenum
A.A. Galkin, L.T. Tsymbal, T.F. Butenko, I.M. Vitebskii, V.T. Vitchinkin, A.N. Cherkasov, N.P. Katrich

The effect of high hydrostatic pressures on ultrasonic attenuation in zinc
A.A. Galkin, O.I. Datsko, N.P. Pilipenko, F.G. Baryakhtar

The effect of pressure on phonon spectrum
N.V. Zavaritskii

Low-temperature thermal conductivity of lead under pressure
E.S. Itskevich, V.F. Kraidenov

Electric resistivity of anisotropic metals up to 80 kbar
A.N. Ivanov, V.V. Kechin, A.I. Likhter, E.M. Ogneva

The effect of pressure on the Fermi surfaces of cadmium and cadmium – magnesium alloys
E.S. Itskevich, A.M. Sobko, V.A. Sukhoparov, I.M. Templeton

The effect of pressure on the Fermi surface of white tin
S.V. Kuvshinnikov, A.N. Vasilev

The effect of pressure on the magnetic susceptibility of palladium alloys
V.N. Manchenko, A.S. Panfilov, I.V. Svechkarev

Softening of the phonon spectrum of the Pb1-xSnxTe system at semiconductor –semimetal transition on the application of pressure or on variation of tin concentration
I.N. Nikolaev, A.P. Shotov, V.P. Marin, V.P. Potapov

On the possibility of an excitonic dielectric – superconductor phase transition in CuCI
A.P. Rusakov

Pressure dependence of magnetic properties in thin superconducting AuGa2 films
M.E. Palistrant, A.T. Trifan, K.K. Gudima

The effect of pressure on the Fermi surface of FeGe2
V.B. Pluzhnikov, I.V. Svechkarev, Yu. N. Fomenko, P.V. Geld, R.P. Krentsis, J.R. Anderson

Theoretical consideration of compressed atoms
A.J. Savukynas, A.R. Čižiūnas

On electronic phase transitions in rare earths and compounds
D.I. Khomskii, A.N. Kocharyan

The specific heat of copper, nickel and aluminium up to 100 kbar and some results concerning the specific heat of cerium in the low-pressure range at 293 K
J.P. Bastide, C. Loriers, H. Massat, B. Vodar

Evidence of electron injection in dense mercury vapour
A. Leycuras

Relation between the Grüneisen constant and the pressure dependence of Poisson’s ratio for metals
J.P. Romain, A. Migault, J. Jacquesson

The effect of hydrostatic pressure on the magnetisation processes under the conditions of the Procopiu effect
M. Sorohan

Experiments at 200 kbar and 20 mK: the superconductivity of lutetium
C. Probst, J. Wittig

Mode softening and lattice instabilities in f-band metals under pressure
J. Wittig

Low temperature P, T-phase diagram of lanthanum
H. Balster, J. Wittig

Galvanomagnetic and photoelectric properties of uniaxially stressed p-lnSb at low temperatures
E.G. Valyashko, O.G. Koshelev, T.B. Pleskacheva

Electric conductivity and critical parameters of arsenic
V.A. Alekseev, V.G. Ovcharenko, Yu. F. Ryzhkov, L.A. Niselson, V.K. Cherenkov

The effect of saturation on the thermo-emf of caesium at high temperatures and pressures
V.A. Alekseev, A.A. Vedenov, V.G. Ovcharenko, L.S. Krasitskaya, Yu. F. Ryzhkov, A.I. Starostin

Semiconductor-metal transition in liquid semiconductors at high temperatures under pressure
V.A. Alekseev, V.G. Ovcharenko, Yu. F. Ryzhkov, A.A. Andreev, E.A. Shmuratov, B.T. Melekh

Transition of a semimetal under pressure to a state with strongly anisotropic pairing of electrons and holes
Yu. E. Lozovik, V.I. Yudson

Superconductivity and high-temperature resistivity of heavy alkali metals at high pressures
G.M. Gandelman, O. Yu. Itskovich

Superconductivity of palladium – nickel alloys hydrogenized under high pressure
T. Skośkiewicz

p. 687-718
Summaries of papers presented at the 5th International Conference on High Pressure Physics and Technology, Moscow, 26 – 31 May 1975
Section 1: Symposium on Semiconductors (Subsection)
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The effect of pressure on galvanothermomagnetic properties of Bi2Te3
A.A. Averkin, O.S. Gryaznov, Yu. Z. Sanfirov

The effect of high pressures on the electric properties of p-lnSb at low temperatures
D.I. Aladashvili, V.V. Galavanov, L. Kończewicz, S. Porowski, L. Sosnowski

The effect of hydrostatic pressure on some kinetic properties of CdSnAs2
Kh. I. Amirkhanov, M.I. Daunov, A.B. Magomedov, Ya. B. Magomedov, S.N. Emirov

Interband photoconductivity in tellurium at low temperatures and high pressures
V.B Anzin, M.I. Eremets, Yu. V. Kosichkin, A.I. Nadezhdinskii, A.M. Shirokov

The effect of hydrostatic pressure on the structure of the valence band in tellurium
V.B. Anzin, M.S. Bresler, E.S. Itskevich, Yu. V. Kosichkin, V.A. Sukhoparov, I.I. Farbshtein

The effect of hydrostatic pressure on the galvanomagnetic properties of undoped tellurium
V.B. Anzin, E.S. Itskevich, Yu. V. Kosichkin, A.I. Nadezhdinskii, A.N. Tolmachev, A.M. Shirokov

Hydrostatic pressure dependence of the forbidden energy gap in Ag8MIVSe6 compounds
R. Bendorius, A. Kindurys, A. Shileika

Investigation of the zero-bandgap state induced by pressure in Hg1-xCdxTe alloys
N. .B Brandt, O.N, Belousova, Ya. G. Ponomarev

Variation of the anisotropy of the Fermi surface due to band inversion in Bi1-xSbx alloys under pressure
N.B. Brandt, Chan Thi Ngok Bik, Ya. G. Ponomarev

Anomalous anisotropy of the magnetoresistance and of the g-factor in InSb
N.B. Brandt, E.R. Loon, Ch. S. Rumenin, S.M. Chudinov

Diode laser tuning with the aid of autonomous high-pressure chambers
M. V. Glushkov, E.S. Itskevich, Yu. V. Kosichkin, A.M. Shirokov

The effect of high pressure on the Shubnikov – de Haas effect in bismuth telluride
E.S. Itskevich, L.M. Kashirskaya

Study of the band structure of single-crystal films of Bi2Te3 – Sb2Te3 under pressure
N.S. Lidorenko, V.N. Galev, Z.M. Dashevskii, N.V. Kolomoets

The electroluminescence spectra of p-AIx1Ga1-x1As – n-AIx2Ga1-x2 As heterojunctions at high pressures
V.V. Nefedova, E.G. Pel, A.A. Shlenskii

Electric properties of lead and tin chalcogenides at high hydrostatic pressures
E.G. Pel

Magnetophonon resonance in indium arsenide under hydrostatic pressure
M.L. Shubnikov, D.V. Mashovets, R.V. Parfen’ev, S.S. Shalyt

Anomalous pressure effects on localised states in semiconductors
S. Porowski, L. Sosnowski

Optical properties of GaSe and GaS under pressure
J.M. Besson, R. Le Toullec, J.P. Pinceaux, A. Chevy, H. Fair

The two types of pressure-induced slow relaxation of the free-electron concentration in undoped n-type InSb
L. Dmowski, M. Kończykowski, S. Porowski

Anomalous pressure dependence of thermoelectric power in heavily doped n-type InSb
L. Kończewicz, S. Porowski

Influence of pressure on the resistivity and the Hall coefficient of n-type CdGeAs2
L. Kończewicz, S. Porowski, I.K. Polushina

Growing of mercury selenide crystals by the Bridgman method at hydrostatic pressures up to 3 kbar
B. Lucznik, R.R. Gałązka, S. Porowski

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