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p. 123-141
Reactor materials for advanced high-temperature reactor systems
Hubertus Nickel
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p. 143-154
High-speed radiation pyrometry
Giuseppe Ruffino
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p. 155-166
Thermal conductivity and emissivity of oxide ceramics at high temperatures
François Cabannes
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p. 167-176
Thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and spectral emissivity of uranium dicarbide at high temperatures
Rudolf De Coninck, René De Batist, André Gijs
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p. 177-181
The electric conductivity of alumina near the melting point
E.E. Shpilrain, D.N. Kagan, L.S. Barkhatov, L.I. Zhmakin
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p. 183-186
Measurement of the enthalpy of solid and liquid phases of yttria
E.E. Shpilrain, D.N. Kagan, L. S. Barkhatov, V.V. Koroleva
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p. 187-198
Thermophysikalische Eigenschaften ausgewählter, faserverstärkter Verbundkörper
Erich Fitzer, Werner Fritz, Karl-Heinz Geigl, Willi Vohmann
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p. 199-208
Investigation of thermophysical properties of refractory materials used in MHD generator channels
G.P. Telegin, A.I. Romanov, V.E. Peletskii, F.A. Akopov, S. Sheider, T. Negas, D. Bates
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p. 209-215
Study of the equation of state of uranium plutonium oxide fuels up to 5000 K by a new high-temperature laser technique
Roland W. Ohse, Peter R. Kinsman
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p. 217-224
The IMGC determination of the freezing point of platinum
Franco Lanza, Teresio Ricolfi
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p. 225-230
Molar heat capacities and enthalpies of transition for InSe(c), lnSe1·2(c) and ln2Se3(c)
Kenneth C. Mills
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p. 231-235
Thermal diffusivity of yttria-stabilized zirconia
Vladimir V. Mirkovich
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p. 237-239
Microcracking as a mechanism for improving thermal shock resistance and thermal insulating properties of ceramic materials
D.P.H. Hasselman
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