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p. 241-246
Thermodynamic properties of solid and liquid metals and ceramics
Michael Hoch, Theodore Vernardakis
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p. 247-254
Enthalpy of solid and liquid metal halides
Michael Hoch, Theodore Vernardakis
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p. 255-258
Some structural properties of Fe-Al powder compounds prepared in a low-temperature plasma
A.I. Gal, V.V. Gal
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p. 259-266
Effective area and accuracy of simple piston-cylinder gauges up to 10 MPa
Gian Franco Molinar, Manfredo Vattasso
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p. 267-269
The maximum in the melting curve of sodium nitrite
Anthony B. Wolbarst, James B. Clark, Paul W. Richter
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p. 271-278
Étude calorimétrique du système bismuth-sélénium
Hélène Bros, Robert Castanet, Henry V Kehiaian
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p. 279-291
Mesophase formation during carbonization under pressure
Michio Inagaki, Masami Ishihara, Shigeharu Naka
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p. 293-305
Entwicklung des Graphitierungsverfahrens
Erhard Wege
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p. 307-316
Brennverhalten und mechanische Eigenschaften von C/C-Verbundkörper bei Verwendung von Pech mit Schwefelzusätzen als Matrixprecursor
Bosung Rhee, Erich Fitzer, Manfred Heym
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p. 317-328
Infrared spectra and phase transitions of solids under pressure. 3
Sefton D. Hamann
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p. 329-336
Roller bearings in a high-pressure shear apparatus
Lutz Kübler
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p. 337-341
Traitements thermiques des orthophosphates de lanthanides LnPO4 et formation de nouveaux composés (oxyphosphates)
J.J. Serra, J. Coutures, A. Rouanet
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p. 343-348
Isothermal compression of spinel (Fe2SiO4) up to 75 kbar under hydrostatic conditions
David R. Wilburn, William A. Bassett
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p. 349-356
Infrared pyrometry for measuring target temperature in a solar furnace
Haruo Arashi, Takemaro Sakurai
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p. 357-358
An electrically-insulating high-pressure seal for cryogenic work (Research note)
Jonathan D. Weiss
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