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p. 359-366
High-temperature thermophysical property reference standards and the CODATA task group on transport properties
Merrill L. Minges
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p. 367-376
Transfer of the IPTS above 2000 K
M.M. Kenisarin, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, B. Ya. Berezin, S.A. Kats
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p. 377-390
Thermal conductivity and electric resistivity standard reference materials: tungsten (4 to 3000 K)
Jerome G. Hust
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p. 391-396
Melting point of yttria as a secondary temperature standard
Francois Cabannes, Vu Tien Loc, Jean-Pierre Coutures, Marc Foex
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p. 397-402
Enthalpy of α-corundum at high temperatures
R.I. Efremova, E.V. Matizen
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p. 403-418
An atomistic view of shock wave propagation in a solid
Donald H. Tsai, Rosemary A. MacDonald
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p. 419-424
An apparatus for emissivity measurements
Giuseppe Ruffino, Claudio Pisoni
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p. 425-429
A new apparatus for thermophysical measurements above 2500 K
John W. Shaner, G. Roger Gathers, Camille Minichino
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p. 431-436
Instrumental recording and computerised processing of data in laser-pulse diffusivity measurement
Nenad Perovic, Kosta Maglic
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p. 437-440
High-temperature infrared absorption in oxide crystals
Didier Billard, Jean Simonato, Bernard Piriou
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p. 441-450
Thermophysical properties of zirconium-alloy fuel-channel components
Ian D. Peggs, Allan M. Stadnyk, Denis P. Godin
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p. 451-459
Étude du système W-Ni-Cr à haute température
Thomas Margaria, Colette Allibert, Ibrahim Ansara, Jean Driole
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p. 461-467
Temperature and energy of α→β transformation in hafnium-3 W/o zirconium
Ared Cezairliyan, John L. McClure
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p. 469-478
Thermal properties of graphite foam
Rudiger Brandt, Gunther Neuer, Roy Taylor
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p. 479-480
Conferences and meetings
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