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p. 481-482
5th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties of Solids at High Temperatures
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p. 483-492
The effect of the degree of deformation on the thermophysical properties of metals at high temperatures
I.I. Novikov
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p. 493-498
Determination of the emissivity of a substance from the spectrum of its thermal radiation and optimal methods of optical pyrometry
D. Ya. Svet
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p. 499-503
Heat capacities and heats of transformation of some solid electrolytes
Carl-Axel Sjöblom
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p. 505-513
Conductivité électronique et oxydo-réduction dans des céramiques à base de zircone
Michel Gouet, Bernard Chappey, Bernard Auclair, Michel Guillou
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p. 515-521
High-temperature studies of zirconia-yttria-neodymia solid solutions
Jean-Pierre Coutures, Gilbert Benezech, François Sibieude
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p. 523-527
Anisotropy of the transport properties of some transition metals at high temperatures
P.V. Geld, V.E. Zinovev
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p. 529-536
Electronic structure of 3d metals of the iron group and their alloys with nontransition elements at high temperatures
P.V. Geld, S.P. Dovgopol, V.A. Antropov, I.Z. Radovskii
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p. 537-543
The behaviour of lattice thermal conductivity of crystals at high temperatures
A.V. Petrov, N.S. Tsypkina, V.E. Seleznev
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p. 545-549
High-temperature interband transitions and the Lorenz number of transition metals
V.E. Peletskii
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p. 551-556
Measurement of the spectral absorption coefficient of ruby and leucosapphire at high temperatures
A.V. Vanyushin, V.A. Petrov
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p. 557-563
Temperature dependence of infrared reflectivity in lithium niobate
Jean-Louis Servoin, François Gervais
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p. 565-570
Standard samples for dilatometry
A.N. Amatuni, T.I. Malyutina, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, V.A. Petukhov
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p. 571-576
Facteurs monochromatiques d’émission de couches en SrZrQ3 projetées au plasma
Janusz Licki
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p. 577-579
Use of a general Bessel solution in the comparative measurement of thermal conductivity of uranium dioxide
Manuel A. Aragonés
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p. 581-584
Heat capacity of the Ni3Al intermetallide and its change upon alloying with refractory transition metals
A.I. Kovalev, M.B. Bronfin, Yu. V. Loshchinin, V.A. Vertogradskii
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p. 585-591
Spectroscopic study of zirconia-yttria-neodymia (gadolinium oxide) solid solutions
Elizabeth Antic, Michele Lemaitre-Blaise, Paul Caro, Jean-Pierre Coutures
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p. 593-597
The effect of deformation and high temperature on sound propagation velocity in metals
I.I. Novikov, V.S. Ovchinnikov, V.B. Proskurin
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p. 599
Conferences and meetings
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