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p. 1-7
A Grüneisen formulation of a p–V equation of state. Application to atomic solids and solid and liquid polymers
Mikael Rigdahl, Leif Bohlin, Josef Kubát
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p. 9-17
Thermal flux protection for aircraft
James H. Weaver, Douglas K. Wade
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p. 19-26
Simple improvements to a diamond-anvil high-pressure cell for x-ray diffraction studies
Earl F. Skelton, Cheng-yin Liu, Ian L. Spain
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p. 27-33
Thermal decomposition of tetraoctadecyl titanate under elevated pressure
Isao Tomizuka, Yoshio Tanaka
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p. 35-39
Isothermal compression of magnetite (Fe3O4) up to 70 kbar under hydrostatic conditions
David R. Wilburn, William A. Bassett
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p. 41-48
Thermal conductivity of copper under high pressure
Bertil Sundqvist, Gunnar Bäckström
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p. 49-55
Thermophysical properties of liquid barium
E.E. Shpilrain, V.A. Fomin, D.N. Kagan, G.F. Sokol, V.V. Kachalov, S.N. Ulyanov
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p. 57-61
Infrared spectra and phase transitions of solids under pressure. 4
Sefton D. Hamann
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p. 63-69
Infrared spectra and phase transitions of solids under pressure. 5
Sefton D. Hamann
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p. 71-75
Improved beryllium diamond supports for high-pressure x-ray diamond-anvil cells
David Schiferl
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p. 77-85
Interactions physico-chimiques à haute température entre l’oxyde de cobalt et l’oxygène sous pression
Raymond Flamand, Jean-Marie Badie, Bernard Granier, Richard Victor
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p. 87-96
Thermal conductivity of nine solid phases of H2O
Russell G. Ross, Per Andersson, Gunnar Bäckström
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p. 97-102
Pressure-induced phase transformations in some I–III– VI2 semiconductors
A. Jayaraman, P.D. Dernier, H.M. Kasper, R.G. Maines
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p. 103-109
High-pressure phase behaviour of AgNO2 and crystal chemistry of the univalent nitrites, with additional data for NaNO2 and KNO2
Paul W. Richter, James B. Clark, Anthony B. Wolbarst
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p. 111-120
Relatives chemisches Potential von Sauerstoff in Bezugselektroden aus den Zweiphasengemischen Mn/MnO, Fe/’FeO’, Co/CoO, Ni/NiO, Cu/Cu2O und Cr/Cr2O3
Su-Il , Franz Müller
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p. 121
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