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p. 253-267
Progress in laboratory high-temperature measurement
Giuseppe Ruffino
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p. 269-282
Recherche sur le point de fusion de l’oxyde d’yttrium
Marc Foëx
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p. 283-290
Temperaturmessung mit einem Quotientenpyrometer. Der Einfluβ unterschiedlich heiβer Oberflächenabschnitte
Hartmut Luhleich, Dieter Seeberger, Lothar Sütterlin, Rainer von Seggern
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p. 291-296
Puffing test: a high-temperature laboratory method for evaluating the graphitisability of carbons
Italo Letizia
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p. 297-304
Factors affecting the irreversible expansion of carbon bodies during graphitisation
Italo Letizia
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p. 305-312
p-V-T relations for HCI-H2O mixtures up to 500°C and 1500 bars
Rolf Werner Bach, Hans Adolf Friedrichs, Hans Rau
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p. 313-318
The melting points of some rare-earth metal nitrides as a function of nitrogen pressure
A. Vendi, P. Ettmayer, W. Prohaska
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p. 319-324
Heat capacity and electric resistivity of titanium in the range 1500 to 1900 K by a pulse heating method
Ared Cezairliyan, Archie P. Miiller
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p. 325-330
The low-pressure dielectric response of lead zirconate – titanate ceramics in a solid-medium high-pressure device
Garry W. Timco, Helmuth H. Schloessin
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p. 331-343
Thermophysical properties of liquid tantalum and molybdenum
John W. Shaner, G. Roger Gathers, Camille Minichino
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p. 345-359
Discussion of the melting curve and polymorphism of sulfur
Gary C. Vezzoli, Peter J. Walsh
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p. 361-365
An empirical estimation of the heat capacities of inorganic compounds
Oswald Kubaschewski, Hassan Ünal
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