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p. 367-385
The critical constants of the elements and of some refractory materials with high critical temperatures (A review)
Roland W. Ohse, Hilmar von Tippelskirch
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p. 387-406
The TRESON experiments: measurement of temperature profiles in nuclear fuels by means of ultrasonic thermometers
Herman A. Tasman, Hans E. Schmidt, Joseph Richter, Maurice Campana, Gilbert Fayl
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p. 407-414
Work function of heat-treated thin carbon films
M. Oberlin, J. Goma, M. Bujor
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p. 415
The design of a high-pressure viscometer for temperatures up to 300°C
Eduard Kuss
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p. 423-429
Generation of high pressures and high temperatures in a large volume
Yukio Notsu, Tadashi Nakajima, Naoto Kawai
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p. 431-435
Reaction hot pressing of graphite – silicon
Katsuichi Ikawa, Yutaka Kurata, Kazumi Iwamoto
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p. 437-443
Chemical vapor deposition of the system Ti – Zr – B
Takehiko Takahashi, Hideo Kamiya
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p. 445-452
Application de la microcalorimétrie différentielle à la mesure directe de la différence de deux effets thermiques
Jean-Louis Deneuville, Denis Gratias, Catherine Chatillon-Colinet, Jean-Claude Mathieu
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p. 453-460
Texture change in hard carbon on heat treatment under pressure
Michio Inagaki, Agnès Oberlin, Sylvie de Fonton
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p. 461-464
A novel technique for the measurement of resistivity at high pressures and temperatures
V. Shubha, T.G. Ramesh
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p. 465-469
Liquidus and solidus surfaces of the Ag – Au – Pd equilibrium phase diagram
Jean-Maxime Miane, Marcelle Gaune-Escard, Jean-Pierre Bros
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p. 471-482
High-pressure phase relations and crystal structure determination for zinc phosphide, Zn3P2, and cadmium phosphide, Cd3P3
Carl W.F.T. Pistorius (deceased), James B. Clark, Johan Coetzer, Gert J. Kruger, Oskar A. Kunze
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p. 483-487
The silver and copper freezing points as accurate reference standards for radiation pyrometry
Teresio Ricolti, Franco Lanza
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