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p. 489-491
15th Annual Meeting of the European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) – Macromolecules and organic compounds under high pressure: chemistry and physics
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p. 493-500
Reactions in compressed solutions
William J. le Noble
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p. 501-504
Homopolymerization and copolymerization at high pressures
Gerhard Luft
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p. 505-506
High-pressure studies of protein conformation in solution
Harry G. Drickamer
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p. 507-510
The autoclave process for high-pressure polymerization of ethylene
A.M. Gemassmer
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p. 511-512
The effect of high pressure on free-radical reactions in solid polymers
F. Szőcs
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p. 513-514
The influence of high pressure on organic reactions in the fluid phase
Hans Plieninger
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p. 515-516
The effect of pressure on cycloaddition reactions
Jörn v. Jouanne, Hartwig Kelm
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p. 517-518
The transition state in high-pressure Diels – Alder cyclodimerizations
Gérard Jenner, Jean Rimmelin
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p. 519-520
Determination of the activation volume of the rotation of the dimethylamino group in N,N-dimethylamides
Elmar Lang, Rudolf Rauchschwalbe, Hans-Dietrich Lüdemann
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p. 521-527
Industrielle Hochdruckchemie
S. Maier, F.J. Müller
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p. 529-531
High-pressure reactions. 4. The pressure and temperature dependence of the volumes of activation of a Menshutkin reaction
Helmut Tiltscher, Yun Kang Wang, Helmut Wolf
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p. 533-534
Pressure dependence of very fast proton-transfer reactions
Klaus-Günther Liphard, Alexander Jost
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p. 535-537
Photochemical consequences of high-pressure studies of electronic energy levels
Harry G. Drickamer
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p. 539-540
The effect of pressure on the interaction of dyes with nucleic acids: the thermodynamics and kinetics of binding; helix-coil transitions
Karel Heremans, Yves Van Nuland
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p. 541-542
Catalytic properties of the enzyme dextransucrase under high pressure
Karl O. Greulich, Horst Ludwig
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p. 543-544
The kinetics of the complex formation of murexide with Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, and Zn2+ up to 2 kbar at 298 · 2 K
Alexander Jost
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p. 545-551
Glass-transition phenomena of amorphous polymers under pressure
Günther Rehage, Hans-Jürgen Oels
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p. 553-557
Hexagonal polyethylene and its consequences
D.C. Bassett
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p. 559-560
Thermodynamics of organic compounds under high pressure
Gerhard M. Schneider
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p. 561-562
Pressure and molecular-weight dependence of polymer solubility in the case of trans-decahydronaphthalene – polystyrene
B.A. Wolf, R. Jend
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p. 563-565
The influence of the polymer mean molecular weight on the phase behaviour of gas – polymer mixtures under high pressure
Alfred Lindner, Gerhard Luft
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p. 567-568
Critical curves of binary mixtures of ammonia with ethylene and propylene
Rosa Crovetto, Harro Lentz
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p. 569-571
Pressure – temperature analysis of melting – pressure curves
Harro Lentz
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p. 573-574
Basic differences between dynamic and static high-pressure effects
Carl-Otto Leiber
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p. 575-578
The viscosity – pressure behaviour of some liquid crystals
Eduard Kuss
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p. 579
DTA study of phase transitions of liquid crystals up to 3 kbar
Werner Spratte, Gerhard M. Schneider
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p. 581
Phase transitions in plastic crystals at pressures up to 3 kbar
Joachim Kreutzenbeck, Albert Würflinger
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p. 583
High-pressure Raman spectroscopy: an application to the study of some ionic equilibria in water and molecular dynamics
James Devaure, Elisabeth Manouvrier, Marcel Besnard, Jean Lascombe
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p. 585-586
Infrared absorption of the C—H stretching fundamentals in pure ethylene up to 2 kbar and 200° C
Manfred A. Bohn, Michael Buback, Irmtraud Heym
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p. 587-590
The design of high-pressure equipment for the study of polymerization reactions
Jörg-Peter Körner
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p. 591-594
A mercury porosimetry technique for use up to 6 kbar
Ernst Schadow, Klaus Unger
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p. 595-602
A high-pressure laboratory for chemical-engineering development
Erwin Brunner
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p. 603-607
Kolben- und Membran-Dosierpumpen für hohe und höchste Drücke
Gerhard Vetter
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p. 609-610
High-pressure structure investigations with a modern automatic four-circle diffractometer
Werner Denner Heinz Schulz, Hedwig d’Amour
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