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p. 611-612
Obituary: L.F. Vereshchagin
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p. 613-618
Synthesis of superconducting A-15 Nb3Ge under high pressures and high temperatures
L.F. Vereshchagin, E.M. Savitskii, V.V. Evdokimova, V.I. Novokshonov, V.G. Petrenko
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p. 619-628
Melting temperatures of refractory metals at high pressures
L.F. Vereshchagin, N.S. Fateeva
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p. 629-632
Thermal conductivity of silver chloride to 85 kbar
L.F. Vereshchagin, L.G. Khvostantsev, V.A. Sidorov
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p. 633-635
Study of the behaviour of bismuth, antimony, and sodium chloride under high pressures and shear stresses
L.F. Vereshchagin, E.V. Zubova, A.R. Gizhinskii
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p. 637-639
Device of toroid type for high pressure generation
L.G. Khvostantsev, L.F. Vereshchagin, A.P. Novikov
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p. 641-644
Phase transformations in alloys of cadmium and zinc with antimony at high pressures. 1. The Cd-Sb system
I.L. Aptekar, I.T. Belash, E.G. Ponyatovskii
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p. 645-650
Phase transformations in alloys of cadmium and zinc with antimony at high pressures, 2. The Zn -Sb system
E.G. Ponyatovskii, I.T. Belash
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p. 651-655
Phase transformations in alloys of cadmium and zinc with antimony at high pressures. 3. The CdSb-ZnSb system. Electric properties of amorphous Cdx Zni 1-xSb compounds after high-pressure treatment
I.T. Belash, E.G. Ponyatovskii
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p. 657-661
Investigation of elastic properties of solids under pressures up to 100 kbar
F.F. Voronov
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p. 663-675
Phenomenological treatment of antiferroelectric transition under hydrostatic pressure
Sanji Fujimoto, Naohiko Yasuda
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p. 677-679
The melting diagram of the Mn-Ni-C system at 60 kbar
I. Yu. Ignateva, A.K. Butylenko
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p. 681-686
Study of explosively pressed kish graphite
B.M. Barykin, V.I. Kasatochkin, B.M. Levinov, E.G. Spiridonov
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p. 687-706
Summaries of papers presented at the 5th International Conference on High Pressure Physics and Technology, Moscow, 26-31 May 1975
Section 5: Geophysics
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p. 687
Laboratory studies of the physical properties of rocks at high pressure and their implications for the mechanism of earthquake initiation
G.M. Avchyan, N.A. Belaevskii, M.K. Polshkov, Z.B. Stefankevich

p. 688
Relationship between the physical properties of sedimentary rocks and their composition and texture at great depths
G.M. Avchyan, A.A. Matveenko, Z.B. Stefankevich

p. 688
Study of the strength of rocks at high pressures
A.D. Alekseev, N.V. Nedodaev

p. 689
NMR studies of argillites and sandstones at high pressures
A.D. Alekseev, B.V. Pestryakov

p. 690
Elastic properties of minerals at high pressures
E.I. Bayuk, M.P. Volarovich, G.A. Efimova

p. 691
Elastic properties at high pressures of rocks of the Tashkent region
Muzafar Bakiev, Melis Bakiev, I S Tomashevskaya

p. 692
Influence of polymorphic transitions in minerals on the elastic properties of rocks at high pressures
E.I. Bayuk

p. 693
Mechanism of fracture in rocks
L.I. Zvyagintsev, I.S. Tomashevskaya

p. 694
Acoustics of heterogeneous media within the fusion range, and thermodynamic properties of the Earth matter
A.I. Levikin, A.I. Farberov, V.V. Vavakin

p. 695
The melting of rocks with different water contents under high pressure
V.K. Markov, V.V. Nasedkin, Yu. N. Ryabinin

p. 696
Study of the physical properties of sedimentary rocks at high pressures and temperatures
L.M. Marmorshtein, F.Z. Rafaevich

p. 697
Effect of complex stress states in the Earth’s crust on deformational and reservoir properties of rocks
N.N. Pavlova, N.A. Eremenko, A.A. Fomin

p. 698
Structure defects in rocks under tri axial stress states
N.N. Pavlova, R.A. Konisheva

p. 698
Electric conductivity of minerals and rocks at high pressures

p. 699
Study of the physical and chemical processes in minerals by electric conductivity measurements under high pressures
E.I. Parkhornenko, S.A. Mkrtchyan

p. 700
Viscosity of water-rich granite melts at high pressures
E.S. Persikov

p. 701
The strength and plasticity of rocks under high pressures subjected to a wide range of strain rates
A.N. Stavrogin

p. 702
Calculation of strain diagrams for some polycrystalline rocks under hydrostatic pressure
E.A. Tonkova, V.N. Churakov

p. 703
Electric properties of intrusive rocks of Kazakhstan at high pressures and temperatures
B.M. Urazaev, A.K. Kurskeev

p. 704
Perfection of the morion crystal structure under high hydrostatic pressures
T.S. Lebedev, Y.P. Orovetskii, V.A. Korchin

p, 705
Elastic properties of rocks under experimental conditions of high pressures and temperatures
T.S. Lebedev

p. 707-712
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p. 713-716
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