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Analysis of K-prime equations of state for geophysical minerals at high temperatures
M. Panwar, S. K. Sharma And S. Panwar

We present an analysis of three K-prime equations of state (EoS) by studying the pressure-volume relationship, the isothermal bulk modulus (K) and first pressure derivative of isothermal bulk modulus (K′) for geophysical minerals or earth minerals such as MgO, Mg2SiO4, MgSiO3, Al2O3 and CaO at selected temperatures ranging from room temperature up to their melting temperature under high compressions down to V/V0 = 0.60, where V0 is the volume V at atmospheric pressure i.e., P = 0. The values of P, K, and K′ are calculated through three equations of state viz., Keane EOS, Stacey EOS, and Sinha EOS, which are generally found to be the same throughout the compression range for all the geophysical minerals or earth minerals under study. The results obtained in the present study compare well with available experimental P-V-T data for MgO and MgSiO3 at 300 K.

Keywords: Equation of state, Bulk modulus, Geophysical minerals, Lower mantle, Core.

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